Posted on Dec 1, 2020

AMPM Exterminators

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – AM/PM Exterminators is currently providing black ant removal services for residences and Commercial businesses in the area that are experiencing infestations due to shifts in the weather.
The Problem with Black Ant Infestations
Black ants are one of the most common insect pests found in homes or businesses in the Seattle area. These ants are roughly .1 inch long and tend to live in large colonies around patios and driveways of Seattle homes. During the summer, ants will often be content to remain outside, but as the weather begins to shift with the arrival of fall, ants will often begin to explore, looking for food.
Scout ants find their way into homes or business buildings, and if they manage to find crumbs, grease and other debris, they will attract more ants, leading to infestations indoors. While most black ants are not harmful to property, humans or pets, they are a nuisance, and most homeowners want to eliminate them as soon as they are spotted.
Professional Ant Removal Services
Often, ant infestations in Seattle arise from both an outdoor colony and an indoor one. Most Business or homeowners are not equipped to locate colonies to treat ants, making it necessary to seek out professional ant removal services.
AM/PM Exterminators offers a complete ant removal service that involves locating colonies both indoors and outdoors and completely eliminating both. This not only eliminates the present indoor infestation
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