Posted on Nov 23, 2020

AMPM Exterminators

Mice in the attic, rats in the crawl space, or rodents anywhere children go, it’s time to get rid of the varmints. Literally kids and rodents are a nasty combination. Putting off contacting a pest control service is not an option.Pest Specialist will address the problem at every level, from perimeter areas and entry points to nesting sites and beyond.
True story : “mice were discovered in the attic of a home. Children were exposed to rats in a cabin on the lake, on a summer day. One of the children came down with a fever of 103 that lasted for about a week. Fearing the worst the mom prayed it was not a rat-bite fever or a fatal sickness.. The child was evaluated and it turned out everything was fine. Being in luck this time is an understatement. Knowing where the infestation is in the home or other sites the family has visited is key. There are many diseases that are indirectly transmitted by rodents. It can occur when a tick or flea bites an infected rodent and then bites a human.”
Mice get comfy:
Mice like to live in the attic because It’s warm,safe and dry. The rodent pests breed and build mouse beds in the insulation. It’s also a place where the mice leave droppings and urine. Diseases from these germ bag mice spread very quickly. It’s also a place for storing food. Tunnels and runways can be found in the insulation. Noises can be heard in the walls and attic at night. Hearing the sound of pitter-patter is an indicator of mice infestation.
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