Posted on Jan 13, 2021

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Rats are extremely difficult to exterminate due to their rapid and constant breeding habits. Several species of rodents have the capability to squeeze into spaces much smaller than then themselves, making even the smallest holes or cracks entrances to homes or Commercial buildings. Like many unwanted pests, rodents cause severe damage to homes or businesses. Excessive chewing and breeding takes a toll on homes’s structure. Find one rodent, chances are there are multiple more hiding. A rodent infestation can happen in a buildings at an astonishingly fast pace. Quick professional extermination is the key to protecting homes from being infested.
Gaps or flaws in foundations and slabs, or where the wall framing meets the foundation or slab floor, may provide large enough openings for rodent entry. Older buildings commonly have cracked foundations, cracked plaster or mortar, warped siding, or broken and torn vent screens. Wood or masonite siding is especially vulnerable to warping and cracking near corners and around the base of the building.
RODENTS: RATS, MICE, SQUIRREL CONTROL: Prevent rodent entry in crawl space, basement or attic
-It is important to seal up and repair all entry points .
-Trim tree branches that may overhang the roof line.
-Remove firewood stacked against the building.
-Removal of any diet source: bird seed for example, because they attract the rodents is the first order of business.
-Gutter guards and covering down spouts will reduce the amount of rodents
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